Consult Our Clinician Today

eCare, P.S.C. in Louisville, Kentucky offers initial consultations through video conferences or telephone calls. You may follow-up for further inquiries and concerns via text or email. We also welcome in person appointments.

20-Minute Telemedicine Appointment

This service caters to patients who have non-emergency behavioral and medical conditions. During the 20-minute appointment, you will be evaluated and assessed by the clinician. Then, based on the findings, the doctor will suggest a treatment best for you.

40-Minute Telemedicine Appointment

Our 40-minute appointment is best for patients with non-emergency behavioral and medical conditions who need chronic disease management and education. The clinician will evaluate, assess, diagnose, and educate you regarding your urgent/acute and chronic behavioral and medical issues.

Schedule a Personal Visit

We can schedule appointments for chronic/acute care visits with or without a medical assistant coming to the patient.

Pay for Your Consultation

To learn how you can send your payment, you may call, text, or email us for more information. We will find a way so you can use an option that’s most convenient for you.